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  Grade 10 Grade 20 Grade 30
Test 1, At Lock, Static Load 300 lbf 500 lbf; 800 lbf
Test 2, At Lock and Corner, Static Loads 300 lbf 500 lbf; 800 lbf
Test 3, At Lock, Impact Loads 300 ft-lb x 2 300 ft-lb x 2 300 ft-lb x 2

Strength and security.
You can tell by looking at a Trilennium that it is strong. But there
is only one way to know for sure. Continuous testing, innovation
and more testing enable Endura to deliver proven results. That’s
performance standard.

Dynamic Forced Entry
Specification ASTM E 2395 measures the resistance of the
door assembly to forced entry by an intruder. The higher the
grade the unit passes, the greater the units strength, security
and performance. Trilennium Multi-Point Series 3000 and 3070
surpassed Grade 30 in dynamic entry testing

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