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Beyond making a statement and offering a welcome, your entry system must perform. As a Dealer, you understand the front door is and important investment to a homeowner. For such an important element, they need security, strength, and peace of mind that it will work while being elegant.

Premium hardware available for any door system in styles to match every decor. Unlike European style systems, Trilennium operates intuitively; a single quarter turn of the thumb turn activates all three dead bolts smoothly. Plus the assurance of a panic release feature. Benefits that a home owner will truly appreciate.

Between impractical installation and the difficulty of keeping an 8' door straight. Multipoint locks can be a nightmare for you. Poor alignment means service calls and unhappy homeowners. Not so with Trilennium. Trilennium Multi-point Locking Systems work when others don't.

Trilennium features three full dead bolt locks for ultimate strength and security. No hooks or catches that require unrealistic alignment and result in frequent service calls. Among the strongest and most secure in the industry, Trilennium Multi-Point Locking Systems exceed Grade 30—or 300 ft-lbs x 2 of impact, per ASTM E 2395.

A solid, one-piece I-beam runs the full length of the lock. That not only increases the strength and precision of the lock but when Trilennium is installed, it actually strengthens the door edge and prevents door warping over the life of the panel. Workmanship like no other multi-point lock. You can see and feel the difference.

Three hardware levels are available, each specifically designed to work wit the Trilennium Multi-Point System.
How it Works

Trilennium's patented bolt & roller strike system allows alignment correction in three directions.

As the bolt is engaged, the angled shoulder rolls up the roller strike, easing the door into proper alignment.

Bolt is activated. Alignment is corrected. Lock works smoothly. Trilennium works when other systems fail.

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